Does Every Office Need An A3 Laser Printer

Does Every Office Need An A3 Laser Printer?

A3 printers are rapidly becoming popular. Intensive competition keeps printing costs down, while print technology improves all the time: several printers can now produce stunning results that rival anything you’d get from a professional print bureau.

Small companies are constantly relying on the power of digital technologies to keep up with the ever-changing business climate. While advancements in digital technology have replaced traditional printing tasks – such as mono printing for faxes, memos, and letters – small businesses still have a need an a3 laser printer, especially colour A3 printing.

But why should you upgrade from your old A4 printer to a newer model that is larger? In this article, we’ll go through some of the business advantages of upgrading to an A3 printer, get to know what is the need of an a3 laser printer.

Following are a few reasons why every office needs an A3 laser printer:

Does Every Office Need An A3 Laser Printer

Improve your Brand

Your plans and ideas will be much more memorable and easier to absorb on larger A3 laser prints with vibrant colours and visual stimuli for every business meeting, whether it’s for potential or current customers, giving you an edge over your rivals and potentially more attention from the reader.

While your rivals are either paying a high price for colour printing or not printing at all, your company will be ahead of the curve by being able to print low-cost, high-quality colour presentations and proposals in-house and on-demand, as required.

Your business would be seen as the competent and respectable brand that it is if it can print high-quality colour prints in-house. Printing in high-quality colour strengthens the reputation of your business to prospective customers and helps to sell your value proposition even after your salesperson has left the office.


Many SMEs are reluctant to invest in the best colour laser printing system because they believe the costs would be prohibitively high.

Need an A3 laser printer would also enable your company to save money by taking marketing activities in-house. You can print the promotional materials yourself rather than contracting the marketing tools you need to print to another business, waiting until your prints are ready, and then risking getting a low-quality job.

Not only would purchasing an A3 laser printer allow you to print more in-house, but the larger paper will also enable you to print more documents.

Higher Power

Since A3 laser printers are larger than standard A4 laser printers, they have larger “engines” and hence more horsepower than standard machines. This means you’ll be able to complete your printing jobs in half the time, boosting your workplace productivity once again.

Traditional laser printers are an excellent choice for business printing because they are fast, unconcerned about paper quality, and extremely dependable.


Your employees can save time searching for a printer, copying, or faxing if you have an All-in-One A3 laser printer in each department. You can also set up mobile access so they can print documents directly from their phones.

Decentralised workgroup printing is possible with A3 colour laser printing systems, which means the employees can retrieve their printouts from a computer located at arm’s length. Instead of wasting time walking around the office to retrieve a print job, this helps employees to continue working without interrupting their attention.

You have more control over your prices, deadlines, and, of course, templates and finish when you manage your printing in-house. This level of control would allow you to better handle your colleagues and their tasks while also allowing you to make last-minute adjustments.

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Does Every Office Need An A3 Laser Printer

All Rounder

If you purchase an A3 laser multi-function printer for your office, you will be able to fax, scan, email, copy, and print all of your documents from the same computer, which is ideal for smaller workgroups and offices that need to turn documents around quickly. Mobile printing and scanning are also possible with A3 multifunction devices. Documents can also be scanned and sent directly to your mobile device.

Bottom Line

Size isn’t everything when it comes to A3 laser printers. They can be larger than A4 models and create larger prints, but that’s not all they have to do.

Many A3 laser printers have more efficient ‘engines’ and are quicker. This means they can print A4 documents faster than the average A4 printer. They are less expensive to maintain. Furthermore, since they are built to handle higher duty cycles, they can handle more work.

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